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If you have some pool instructional info
you think would be helpful to others,
email it to Jeff at jschelin71@yahoo.com.

Restoring Disturbed Balls - Here are some of my thoughts about what happens when a player bumps a ball and the opponent doesn't put it back where it originally was located. The full details about replacing bumped balls are explained in BCAPL rule 1.33.

Pool Etiquette - Here's a copy of Mike Fieldhammer's promotional card. It gives a couple great etiquette tips. Note the picture of the chalk cubes. There are 6 sides to a cube of chalk, but only one right way to put in on the rail!

One-Rail Kick System - This one-rail system is pretty good. Of course, there's a lot of human error in estimating all the points, but with practice it's a very reliable system.

Two-Rail Kick System - This two-rail system is a bit more involved, but it works well. If you take your time estimating the lines, this system will get you out of trouble.

If you have any questions, please contact
President & Secretary Jeff Schelin at 218-591-3469, or
send an email to jschelin71@yahoo.com.