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"King of the Hill" & "ABC" Singles 8-Ball Leagues

Cloquet Pool League

The schedules will be done on Sun, Sep 21. (We always wait until the last minute in case of late additions or drop-outs.) All team captains will be called/texted then. League play begins on Wed, Sep 24 at 7pm. Your team packet will be delivered to whatever bar you play at on the Sep 24. If you have a bye on Sep 24, then your packet will be at your home bar.

Welcome to the Duluth MPA Pool League. Inside you will find the best pool league in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. What makes the Duluth MPA Pool League the best? We are run by pool players for pool players. We've played in all the other leagues. We knew what they had to offer. We decided to do better.

We started in 1994 with 14 teams and about 100 players, and have grown into a league of over 400 players. So we must be doing something right!

Our league offers what the others do not:

  • Our aggressive handicapping system allows even beginning teams an honest chance of winning. Plus, the best teams never have an easy victory. They must work to win, which keeps them on top of their game.

  • Every team receives a cash pay-out at the year-end banquet. The pay-outs are directly linked to how well a team performs. The more games you win and the more balls you pocket, the more money you win!

  • We offer numerous cash bonuses for teams and players of all skill level!

  • Your team can compete for even more cash at our Year-End Tournament!
  • Our league season typically runs from late September to the end of April. If you have a team that wants to play, you must sign up at the pre-season meeting which is usually in the beginning of September. Single players can join the league at anytime as new players or substitutes.

    If you have any questions, please contact
    President Bill Goldsworthy at 218-348-0476, or
    Secretary Jeff Schelin at 218-591-3469, or
    send an email to jschelin71@yahoo.com.